Our passion for vinegar began in 1915 when our great-grandfather Gaetano Rubini filled the very first barrel,
still on show here at the farm. This tradition was then handed down to our grandfather Antonio and then to his son,
Giuseppe, who with great dedication enlarged production capacity.
The product that we now offer withholds all our tradition and the same passion that has
accompanied us over the last century.
The Giuseppe Rubini Farm stretches over some seven hectares of
vineyard in the countryside near Modena, believed to be one of the first areas in
the entire region to have ever been cultivated for winemaking.
The Lambrusco wines made here, which feature P.D.O. certification, characterised
by their intense ruby red colour and their ideal level
of fizziness, are part of the typical produce of the Emilia region, known for their
genuine simplicity and great popularity among diners.
Together with the Lambrusco grapes, the Trebbiano di Spagna type – thanks to its good fermentation levels and sharpness –
is also used for the production of vinegar on the Farm.

This bittersweet condiment, obtained using the very same procedure as that adopted by farmers over the centuries,
is a precious addition to any table, accompanying and enhancing the flavours of both modern and traditional cuisine.
Our vinegar is bottled and packaged by hand, making every bottle unique.

Our Products:

. Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

. Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (P.G.I)

. Bittersweet Condiment, “Riserva”

. Bittersweet Condiment